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Digital Literacy Programme (PMG-DISHA)

Sajar health educational and charitable trust has conducted a computer education training for village people in the villages of Nesaneri, Sengapadai, karisalkalampatty, Ammapatty, Midilaikulam, Kovilangulam. PMG-DISHA, it contains the knowledge training for following processes.

  1. Basic Mobile and Computer operating knowledge
  2. Online Banking.
  3. Online EB registration and billing
  4. Basic knowledge about Government websites.
  5. ID proof registration through internet.
  6. Social Media functions and uses.

Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan(PMGDISHA): Is the world's biggest program which has been launched in India to make the Indian rural household digitally literate by teaching them to operate the digital devices and make them able to use smart phones and digital devisees like tablets and other and make them digitally literate, make them computer literate In the PMG-DISHA projects the village people this program was initiated by getting permission from the village administrative officers and school students are registered for computer training and the eligibility for this registration Age Group – 14 to 60 years of age, ADHAR CARD is mandatory, ST – Caste certificate.BPL – Card compulsory Recent Passport size photographs. Our training peoples of Mr.Gurupandi, Mr.Karthik, Mr.Prabakaran, Mr.Sonai, Mr.Sivaguru, Mr.Abhimanyu, Mr.Arun, Mr.Manikandan. are give training about the digital knowledge for the village peoples. The local mobilizer was used to organize the people for registration and test conductions for each village. The following process were taken care in the training centre.


  1. Selecting the beneficiaries eligible under the project and enrolling them for the course.
  2. Imparting the appropriate training course to beneficiaries eligible under the project , including provided course materials.
  3. Registering the beneficiaries, marking the attendance and conducting the continous assessment.
  4. Keeping a record of all beneficiaries that enroll in the course, certifying their attendance and ensuring that the beneficiary appears for the exam.
  5. The training centre can register and train the candidates with the help of online or offline video content / pdf documents given on the portal by logging in through centre or students Login ID.

And they were went up to 10 days for training class sessions and after 10 days they allowed to Write a Online test in PMG-DISHA website and the computer generated Certificate are given to the Passed candidates. Over 1200 people were participated in this course program and get a good knowledge about digital education. Digitally literate person will possess a range of digital skills which will teach how to use tablet, laptops, smart phones and desktop PC. It will help people in communication and keeping up with social trends. So, let‟s join hands by making our PM “MODI JI” dream come true of “DIGITAL INDIA” where Government is open and Governance is transparent. request you all to get involved and gain pride by helping us to create “ Special India” where everyone is digitally educated and learns to earn. We will be highly obliged for your kind cooperation for fulfilling this mission of such a noble cause. We immensely plan to give this gift of literacy to millions of people in our country making our country


Our SAJAR HEALTH EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST has come forward to take over the Educational expenses of girl child in vision of giving the Full Expenses for the school for one child. This year the free education scheme is given to Student Sharon sheeba, who is studying 12th Std in Nirmala Matric Hr Secondary school is selected and her total fees Rs10000 is paid to the school.

This programme helps the student to came over their struggle of paying the school fees and good education and training was given by the sajar trust for every year.


Our SAJAR HELATH EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST has conducted an awareness programme to Drive out the exam fear over 10 schools in Madurai district. The Following points were taken care of in this Awareness programme,

  • Create our own timetable
  • Chart out
  • Mix of subjects
  • Target for the day
  • Allocate time for breaks
  • Sleep well
  • Taking Notes
  • Good Diet
  • Having Clear Mind

The Volunteers and trust members involved in this counseling programme and present slides and videos to overcome exam fear among the students on 27.03.2018 ,