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Welcome To Sajar

SAJAR HEALTH EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST is a charitable, non-profitable, non-communal organization started on July 2008 Registered under TamilNadu Trust act and run by eminent social professionals who by their devotion shift in rural and slum health services and in promoting development in socio, economic, educational activities among the community.

SAJAR HEALTH EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST focuses on broad dimensions of health education and awareness that encompass promotive, preventive and therapeutic services, many of which are frequently lost sight of in policy planning as well as in popular understanding. SAJAR HEALTH EDUCATIONAL AND CHARITABLE TRUST works as a team with a goal “to discover and deliver best community care with the heart and values true to our heritage”

Service with compassion and leading with quality and innovation. Strengthening health, Educational-awareness and systems capability and provide knowledge to achieve better health outcomes for all. To identify and work with the impoverished, weaker and vulnerable sections of the society to find solutions to the challenges threatening their lives with the ultimate aim of establishing an aware, responsible and developed society. Ensuring sustainable and holistic development with emphasis on skill development, employment generation, women uplift and a culture of social service through creating synergy and building strategic partnership with the Government, NGOs (non-government organizations), SHGs (self help groups), CBOs (community based organizations) and various national and international organizations by planning appropriate downstream and upstream interventions and also to help the poor and needy children or people at risk and marginalized communities irrespective of Caste, Creed or Religion and to create opportunities to develop their potential to become self-reliant and self-sustainable individuals.

  • Holistic community care and quality services at people’s reach with values.
  • Developing the health workforce and setting standards.
  • Strengthening knowledge application and evidence-informed health and educational practice and policy

  • Uphold the trust of our multiple stakeholders and supporters
  • Honest, open and ethical in all we do, acting always with integrity.

  • Link efforts to improving public health outcomes, knowledge to action
  • Responsive to existing and emerging public health priorities

  • Knowledge based, evidence driven approach in all we do
  • Drawing on diverse and multi-disciplinary expertise, open to innovative approaches

  • Aim for highest standards in all aspects of our work
  • Encourage, recognize and celebrate our achievements

  • Independent view & voice, based on research integrity & excellence
  • Support academic and research freedom, contributing to public health goals and interests

  • Strive for equitable and sustainable development, working with communities
  • Collaborate and partner with other public health organizations